Financing your home remodel can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. A loan officer can help determine the best way to finance your project if you're unsure where to start. Several options are available, so don't be afraid to ask for advice. A home can add value to your home and increase your quality of life, so it's worth exploring your options.

Financing a home remodel can be scary, but it doesn't have to be. There are several ways to finance a remodel, and if you work with a loan officer you trust, it can be a smooth process. Financing allows you to create a home that will meet your needs for the next 5, 10, or 20 years. Now is the perfect time to remodel your home with the current housing market.


There are a variety of different ways that you can finance your home remodel. The best option for you will depend on your circumstances, and below are some of the most popular choices. Talk to your lender to find out which option is best for you.

Renovation Loan

Finance your renovations into your mortgage!

Loans up to $500,000 in some areas!

Borrow up to 95% of the "after improved" value of your home

The loan value is based on your home's current value plus the renovations per appraisal

One time close with competitive rates; 30-year fixed products just like your existing mortgage

Construction Loan

Finance the cost of construction into one loan after completion.

Two-time close, one with a construction lender and one for the permanent financing

Great for properties that fall into the jumbo loan parameters (higher valued homes)

Borrow up to 75% of your home's "after improved" value (depends on the final loan amount and the current equity you have in the home).

Cash-Out Refinance

Borrow up to 80% of the present value of your home.

Perfect for those with a lot of equity in their homes

Fixed 30-year loans that work for traditional loans and jumbo loans

Home Equity Line of Credit

Borrow up to 85-90% of your home's current value.

These are second liens on your property

Variable rates that can go up if the prime rates goes up

Fixed options are available but often at higher rates


Finance With Alabama Construction Pros

You can finance your remodeling project by utilizing our partner, EnerBankUSA through Regions Bank. EnerBankUSA is a specialized home improvement lender that has payment options tailored to home improvement needs.

With EnerBankUSA you can get the money for the entire project you want completed upfront instead of waiting to save up the cash or completing it in stages. With EnerBank loan, your home is not used as collateral, there’s no application fee, no closing or appraisal costs, and no prepayment penalties.

Our Loan Options:

Same As Cash Loans -

12-Mo Same-As-Cash Loan

Interest Rate: 19.99% Min. $1,000.00 Max. $100,000.00

24-Mo Same-As-Cash Loan

Interest Rate: 19.99% Min. $1,000.00 Max. $100,000.00

Reduced Interest Loans -

5-Yr Loan

Interest Rate: 6.99% Min. $3,500.00 Max. $100,000.00

10-Yr Loan

Interest Rate: 4.99% Min. $7,500.00 Max. $100,000.00

12-Yr Loan

Interest Rate: 9.99% Min. $10,000.00 Max. $100,000.00

Zero Interest Loans -

12-Mo Loan

Interest Rate: 0.00% Min. $3,500.00 Max. $100,000.00

24-Mo Loan

Interest Rate: 0.00% Min. $3,500.00 Max. $100,000.00

36-Mo Loan

Interest Rate: 0.00% Min. $3,500.00 Max. $100,000.00

Traditional Installment Loans -

Traditional Installment Loan

Interest Rate: 8.99% - 15.99% Min. $1,000.00 Max. $100,000.00


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